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Ian Cat Short on length, but not short on quality. A stellar set that blows by quick and begs you to listen again and again. Favorite track: Push Push Push.
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Order the cassette from Dadstache Records here! dadstacherecords.storenvy.com/products/24392190-the-sharp-shadows-lessons


released August 31, 2018

“The Sharp Shadows play a rare blend of pop-punk mixed with post-punk, two genres that are propelled by anthitetical forces (speed+melody and tension+experimentation) but that have cohabitated some records of the late '70s - the first two XTC records and the punkier tunes by early The Police come to mind. In tracks like "Why Don't You Do It?" and "Push Push Push" edgy and tense backing tracks are charged with the speed and energy typical of punk and resolved following pop canons, in part reminiscent of the elegant melodies of Elvis Costello.” - NYC Deli Magazine

"With Lessons, it’s abundantly clear that Sharp Shadows have mastered their craft of big guitars and even bigger hooks. Bailey is no question a student of the power pop game – there’s a little Graham Parker, a little Big Star and plenty of confidence here. If there’s something to learn after this album is over is that Sharp Shadows are continuing to evolving in their quest to create the perfect pop song. They’re pretty darn close as it stands." - Obviate Media

"Sharp Shadows continue to display some really good production and song writing. These guys remind me a lot of bands like newer power pop bands Locksley and Free Energy. I’m not even sure if those two bands are even around anymore, but if they are they’d be wise to pick Sharp Shadows as their next touring mates!" - Audio Ammunition

All songs written by STEPHEN BAILEY
All songs arranged by THE SHARP SHADOWS
MICHELLE HUTT appears on “Push Push Push” courtesy of
King Pizza Records

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by JOHN MEREDITH at
Mollusk Studio
Cover Design by TIM BAILEY
Cover Layout by GABE SMOLLER
Exterior Photograph by THOMAS CHALIFOUR
Interior Photograph by JEANETTE MOSES

The band would like to thank:
Maiko Kikuchi, Frances Howell, Darrell Dumas, Michelle Hutt,
John Meredith, The Plesses, Mellingers, and Baileys, JT. Fitzgerald
and the Dadstache Records Crew, Greg Hanson, Bettina Warshaw,
and The KP Family.



all rights reserved



The Sharp Shadows Brooklyn, New York

Big songs for everyone.


For Booking: thesharpshadows@gmail.com

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Track Name: Why Don't You Do It?
It’s been temptation in the past
for a feeling that could never last
and yet you’re waiting fingers poised

and they can seem what you want to see
but you know they’ll never be
any more than a rush of dopamine

Why don’t you do it?
Why don’t you do it?
Why don’t you do it? while you’re feeling weak
Why don’t you do it?
Why don’t you do it?
cuz the last that you see will be the first that you regret

In that moment are you feeling bold?
Or have you lost all self-control?
that itchy trigger finger stings

And though it starts to cast a spell
And you know the feeling well
Experience teaches differently

and it’s never what you expect
it’s just a cheat at a human connection
just to circumvent rejection

so it’s better well enough alone
than staring at your phone
tapping the glass of a picture postcard
someone else’s life that you wish you could discard

Cuz the last time that you did it didn’t work out
And the feeling in your gut says it won’t be much better now
Track Name: Walkrightpastmedon'tevensay
Walk right past me don’t even say
Another stilted phrase before you go away
I just know that we’ve been here before
So nothing’s gonna change when you walk out the door
from me

I’ve heard that look in your eyes
I’ve seen the way the chew the left side of your lip
before you say the words that you’ve been meaning to say

Is this another one we talk about
but don’t figure out and share the same bed
like it’s just gonna go away

and there’s a rhythm and a symmetry to these I know so well
and it won’t be long until you’ve had your fill and you bid farewell and you

it was a close call this time
but it won’t be long before I
do it again, do it again
do it again, again again again and

So, will you lose your mind?
Or just admit that we’re different people
Different still
Start with good intentions
just about until

and there’s a rhythm and a symmetry to these I know so well
and it won’t be long until you’ve had your fill and you bid farewell and you
Track Name: Believe In Yourself (But Don't Take On The World Alone)
I’ve been watching you grow so long
makes me proud to see you take these baby steps
out into the great wide world
but once you do I hope you never forget

that I’ve been standing in your corner
oh for oh so long

Believe in yourself but don’t take on the world alone

There’s a shadow that rules your heart
hangs like a cloud over every thing you do
But don’t you let it pull you apart
remember words that I said to you

that so you know I’m by your side
the greatest friend you’ve known

Oh how I wanted to be a contender
I’ve ended up just another pretender
I judge myself by the deeds of others now

I tried to paint a smile on my face
To benefit the rest of the human race
My confidence is just faking till the next chance

A fog of doubt’s hanging over you
You keep telling yourself it’s over now
but the next push could be the one that breaks
could make it worth all of the heartache

and I’ll be standing in your corner
until this faith has shown
Track Name: Don't Say You're Sorry To Me
I am worthless
There’s no use crying here
Lacking purpose
Might as well die down here

Tried so many times to tell you
What I mean, oh
oh whoa, oh oh
oh whoa, oh oh
Don’t say you’re sorry to me

Save your breath
I’m not worth the air that we breathe
Save your words
There won’t be a reprieve

You’ve brought me down here so might as well leave me
whoa, oh oh
oh whoa, don’t say you’re sorry to me

Is it worth it to go with the flow
when I’m feeling so low?
Don’t you care that it hurts me so?
Don’t say the words if you don’t mean them
No, oh oh
oh No, oh oh
oh No, oh oh
Don’t say you’re sorry to me
Don’t say you’re sorry to me
Don’t say you’re sorry to me
Track Name: Push Push Push
you’re quick on your feet, I know
you’ve had this stored up for days, it shows
Every word is practiced every manner is learned
but that doesn’t do a damn thing for my ways
no that doesn’t do a damn thing for my ways

and you’re forcing me to finish when I don’t want to
and you’re forcing me to say when I’m not ready
you push push push push
it’s never gonna go your way

you say you don’t got a temper, that’s bull
you’re just stern instead of angry, so-oh
you’re a mountain of a mole hill
your words are tiny fists
pounding through my ribs until I split
pounding through my ribs until I split

we’ve got a long way to go
but you have stopped the flow
you’ve gotta wait to get the answers
and not just the words that you want to hear
Track Name: Try
You’re standing in the shadows next to me
I wish I had the words to set you free

but you’ve got your head in the sand
and your fists in your ears
and you’re putting your faith in
inconsiderate years

I whisper in your ear, Try
All you gotta do is try
All you gotta do is try
All you gotta do is try

You started from the top and you don’t know
how it feels to rise up from below

your sympathy’s spent on your own backyard
you gotta a long way to go but you don’t go that hard

just let down your guard

So now you’re playing for the sympathy
you’re everybody’s favorite refugee
You think it’s your turn to cry, you want empathy
but you gotta pay it first if you’re in the lead

you just really need to

we don’t need believers
just your best fact seekers
don’t feel beleaguered
Track Name: She's Already Gone
She’s already gone
there’s no reason to hold on to anything
for any longer
you’re yesterday’s news
the wrong side of a story dripping ink
into the sewer

but don’t you wait
there’s a world outside just waiting for the taking
she’s already gone
so just walk away

She’s happy at last
now that she’s moved on and you no longer need to ask
so take the hint
stop searching every subway car and street
for that shadow of the past

and don’t you waste
any more of this time that you’re losing by the minute
she’s already gone
so just walk away

it’s what you wanted
a reason to get up and push yourself back to the light
so don’t wait to get started
it’s been more than enough time and you know that the time is right
Track Name: Lessons
I feel a flutter down below
It’s been a long time since
I almost didn’t recognize this feeling

Like the past come back to life
taking on new flesh
Sometimes i can’t believe what I’m seeing

I’m paralyzed by the touch of your gaze
Brings me back in sync with my old ways
Don’t talk to me, don’t break this spell
I turn to stone I know this feeling well

But are you such a mystery
if you’re a person just like me?
with hopes and fears and dreams and tears, and things that go so deep they hurt

And is there even room for crush songs
or is it too naive to go on?
how do I reflect the paths I’ve tread
be bold in places that I’m led?

Don’t talk to me
Don’t break this spell