Believe In Yourself (But Don't Take On The World Alone)

from Lessons by The Sharp Shadows



I’ve been watching you grow so long
makes me proud to see you take these baby steps
out into the great wide world
but once you do I hope you never forget

that I’ve been standing in your corner
oh for oh so long

Believe in yourself but don’t take on the world alone

There’s a shadow that rules your heart
hangs like a cloud over every thing you do
But don’t you let it pull you apart
remember words that I said to you

that so you know I’m by your side
the greatest friend you’ve known

Oh how I wanted to be a contender
I’ve ended up just another pretender
I judge myself by the deeds of others now

I tried to paint a smile on my face
To benefit the rest of the human race
My confidence is just faking till the next chance

A fog of doubt’s hanging over you
You keep telling yourself it’s over now
but the next push could be the one that breaks
could make it worth all of the heartache

and I’ll be standing in your corner
until this faith has shown


from Lessons, released August 31, 2018


all rights reserved



The Sharp Shadows Brooklyn, New York

Big songs for everyone.


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